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Introducing Compact Notifications Mode

POSTED BY    ON  October 11, 2017

Today, our team is happy to announce ‘Compact’ notifications mode. In this mode, alerts of any kind popping up in Coinigy will appear in a more nondescript and out-of-view manner compared to our traditional notifications. If at any point you feel your screen has gotten cluttered with notifications and you would rather them not be as […]

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Accounts Page Redesign

POSTED BY    ON  July 18, 2016

If you have visited your ‘Accounts’ page within Coinigy recently, you may have noticed the new design it’s rocking! In the screenshot above, users can see the simpler and less jumbled layout of the page. Instead of having multiple boxes, you are now presented with a list of all of your added accounts, whether it be an exchange API, […]

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Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading Talk #33

POSTED BY    ON  July 14, 2016

We’ve just added a recent stream to our Coinigy YouTube page! This talk involves the discussion of community-voted coins and the technical analysis of said coins, along with some recent platform updates and other topics. Joining Coinigy’s Rob and William are Brian from TheRationalInvestor and Alex Sterk from the Blocktalk YouTube channel. Stay tuned for future […]

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