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Balance Tracking for HD Bitcoin Wallets Now Available

POSTED BY    ON  May 12, 2017

Continuing in our wallet tracking updates, users of hierarchical deterministic (HD) Bitcoin wallets can now track their balances as well. While balance tracking for Bitcoin was already supported, HD wallets posed a problem due to the nature of how they work. That being, users of Electrum, TREZOR, Coinbase Vault, CarbonWallet, and other HD wallets can […]

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Coinigy YouTube Video Bounty

POSTED BY    ON  July 14, 2016

UPDATE: Check this GoogleDoc to see what videos have already been completed — please email us if you have completed a video. We will keep this as up to date as possible! Hi there Coinigy users! Currently, we’re looking for users to go through our YouTube videos and list timestamps for the beginning of conversations regarding news or digital […]

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Bitstamp and GDAX Integration Improvements

POSTED BY    ON  July 6, 2016

Hello Coinigy users! Today, we pushed some major updates on to the site dealing with improvements for Bitstamp and GDAX exchanges. For Bitstamp, these changes include: – Trades in the BTC/EUR market have been upgraded to websockets and will now be real-time – Tracking for EUR balances is now available – Improvements to order placement, pickup, and […]

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