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Balance Tracking for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Now Available

POSTED BY    ON  August 8, 2017

We’re happy to announce today that balance tracking for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now available in Coinigy. To get started with tracking your BCH addresses, you will want to: Visit your accounts page in Coinigy Click ‘Add New Wallet Address’ and find ‘BCH – Bitcoin Cash’ in the currency drop-down menu Give your wallet a desired nickname […]

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Regarding Bitcoin Payments on August 1st

POSTED BY    ON  July 28, 2017

With all of the discussion surrounding the potential fork of the Bitcoin network on August 1st, our team felt it necessary to confirm where this puts Coinigy come this date. Because we utilize BitPay to accept Bitcoin payments, our policy for such transactions for Pro account subscriptions reflects their stance on the issue. As of […]

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Balance Tracking for HD Bitcoin Wallets Now Available

POSTED BY    ON  May 12, 2017

Continuing in our wallet tracking updates, users of hierarchical deterministic (HD) Bitcoin wallets can now track their balances as well. While balance tracking for Bitcoin was already supported, HD wallets posed a problem due to the nature of how they work. That being, users of Electrum, TREZOR, Coinbase Vault, CarbonWallet, and other HD wallets can […]

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