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Exchange Update: Bitfinex Announcement on U.S. Individual Users

POSTED BY    ON  October 16, 2017

Today, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex updated its users on the stance of U.S.-based traders. As per this announcement, trading, deposit, and withdrawal functionality for U.S. individual customers will be terminated by November 9, 2017. Coinigy as a platform has no intention of delisting Bitfinex for its international users. The entirety of the text of their announcement can be […]

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Exchange Update: BitVC to Cease Trading for Immediate Future

POSTED BY    ON  September 10, 2017

Due to recent legislative announcements in China, BitVC will be halting trading operations for the foreseeable future. As an exchange listed on Coinigy for charting and balance tracking, we are passing along the information regarding this suspension. BitVC’s announcement in full and unedited can be found below: “由於公司戰略調整,現暫停合約交易業務。業務恢復時間另行通知,請您知曉。 如有任何疑問,歡迎聯繫我們。 聯繫地址:香港灣仔區駱克道285號高華大廈14層289B室 聯絡電話:+852 35967051 電郵 : […]

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Exchange Update: Kraken Reducing Price Precision (Round 2)

POSTED BY    ON  September 3, 2017

Kraken recently announced further changes that they would be making to trading pairs regarding the number of decimal points allowed when placing orders. The text of the followup announcement in full can be found below: “Effective Wednesday September 6 around 6 am UTC (Tuesday September 5 around 11 pm PT) we will be changing the […]

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