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Coinigy Platform Updates

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New Feature: Show Current Bid and Ask on Charts

POSTED BY    ON  October 27, 2017

Following requests from users, Coinigy now allows you to display the current lowest ask and highest bid on charts next to the price. In order to enable this new feature, after refreshing their page, users will want to right-click on their charts and find ‘Show Current Bid/Ask’ at the bottom of this menu. After clicking […]

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Some REST API Endpoints to be Removed

POSTED BY    ON  July 17, 2017

One week from today, some of the endpoints in our REST API will no longer be available. This includes the ‘notifications’ and the ‘pushNotifications’ endpoints. From there on out, you will need to use the WebSocket API only in order to retrieve this information. As always, more information about using our API can found on […]

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